Former Texas A&M Aggie and Denver Broncos Super Bowl MVP Von Miller is rushing to get out in front of a "sextape" that he claims a woman is trying to use to extort him according to TMZ.

Miller was granted a temporary restraining order against a woman named Elizabeth Ruiz, who he met in Cancun and had consensual sex. Miller says in the court documents that Ruiz taped the two of them having sex but asked that she keep it private, upon returning stateside, Miller asked that she delete the recording and she replied with "Gotcha".

Months later, Miller and his agent were contacted by teams representing Ruiz looking to sell the tape back to Miller for an alleged sum of $2.5 Million. According to The Smoking Gun, one of the attorneys for Ruiz stated that she was looking to become the "next Kim Kardashian".

For now, a judge agreed with Miller and has granted a temporary restraining order blocking her releasing the tape.