If you planned to visit Temple Lake Park any time soon, you'll need to reschedule until the lake level goes down.

KWTX's Drake Lawson reports that the park will be closed until further notice due to flooding.

An administrator of the Lake Belton Facebook page captured an aerial image of the park, in which waters can be seen covering picnic tables and other fixtures. The majority of the beach is also under water.

With all the storms we've had so far this year, it's not surprising that lake levels are on the rise. As waters drain into the lake or are sent from upstream, some flooding is inevitable.

If you visit Lake Belton or Stillhouse, keep an eye out for areas with higher than usual water levels, as well as debris. Be sure to leave a float plan with someone on shore, wear a life vest, and try not to be out alone.

We all want to enjoy the beautiful lakes we're blessed with here in Central Texas. Just be safe and smart about it.


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