If you have not been a fan of these morning low temperatures hovering right around the the freezing point as of late, then you will definitely dislike the probability that early next week in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area we all might be lucky to get above freezing for the daytime high. Already, local meteorologists are predicting a hard freeze to grip most of Texas with overnight lows dropping below the teens, and possibly even into single digits for the northern parts of the Lone Star State.

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If the cold is not something that bothers you, what are your feelings about ice? Right now projections are calling for the prospect of winter precipitation beginning on Monday.

What else can you expect from a hard freeze in Texas?

If there is one spot of good news with this impending arctic influx to our weather, it is predicted to begin Monday, and that is the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday which would mean all the schools and several businesses will already be closed.

How should Texas prepare for the coming ice and hard freeze?

The number one most important way to prepare is making sure you have plenty of access to warmth, especially if there is a major power outage attached to the severe winter weather. Always check on your neighbors, and make sure you have access to fresh water.

Thankfully it will be warm before this weekend, so you can prepare for the arctic blast that will hit Texas early next week. Even if you are stuck at home for a couple of days, you will be able to tough it out if there is plenty of water, and make sure you keep an eye on your water pipes too.

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