Chiefs Sports Grill Weekly Line-up (06-10-21)
Sometimes it takes a holiday weekend to jolt things.
For the past few weekends at Chiefs Sports Grill crowd been looking good
If you are wondering what to get into this weekend here, you go
Thursday night it’s the livest karaoke night in town. Come...
Chiefs Sports Bar and Grill Weekly Line-up
Chiefs Sports Bar and Grill is the premiere grown and sexy spot from Thursday to Sunday.
I love to order my wings and tasty adult beverage while soon as I get there and catch the vibe; even though I am there from 9 pm to 11 pm technically, I guarantee that you will have a good time all the way till i…
Chiefs Sports Bar and Grill Weekly Line-Up 04/15/21
I started with My Kiss 103.1 on January 25th; my goal is to learn about the city that I am talking to,
I met the Chiefs staff that Saturday before I started, and they were so welcoming to me.
Chiefs is the spot for the grown and sexy; last Saturday, we had a blast from Toni celebrating her 30th birthd…
Chiefs Sport bar and grill weekly line up
Last weekend at chiefs was amazing, shout-out to Jay Croz and Sweet Nay for their great performance my first time meeting them but they both showed me and their fans love. BIG shout-out to everyone that came out.
I always look forward to going to chiefs after a busy week in the studio it always ends …

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