Here's another company that is "Black Lives Mattering", and I'm not mad at them at all.

(By the way, "Black Lives Mattering" is my definition of companies and corporations providing efforts to combat racism whether they care or not.)

It's just sad that it took the current climate of police brutality and racial injustice for them to take a stand.

Better late than never, though.

For a number of years, there have numerous reports of people attempting to get Quaker Oats to change the name of their infamous "Aunt Jemima" syrup because of the history of the name, and today they finally listened.


According to NBC NEWS, the company put out a statement today saying they "recognize the logo is based on a racial stereotype and is looking forward to progress toward racial equality", they are also donating $1 million dollars for the next five years to create meaningful, ongoing support and engagement in the black community" .

You may not have known this, but the name Aunt Jemima comes from a song "Old Aunt Jemima"  from a minstrel show song sung by slaves based on the character of a "mammy" - a slave, who would care for their white master's children while neglecting her own kids.

Next up?

Uncle Ben's rice.

"Uncle", the way it was used to name Uncle Ben, isn't your mother or father's brother.

Uncle was used as a term to describe older black slaves.

The Associated Press reports the company is "listening to the voices of consumers especially in the black community and recognizes it's time to change its visual identity"

No matter if you disagree or agree, these racist images should be ended. Kudos to all taking a stand.

But remember, let's not lose focus. It's fine all of these companies are recognizing racism, but it's the RACIST COPS AT POLICE DEPARTMENTS that need to be addressed, and departments across America are where the action needs to take place.


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