Depending on how many children you have, your pantry might be the busiest place within your Texas home. The snack shelf is especially popular in our house, and it is quite the time saver to have an area where the kids can look, and serve their self.

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That is why, as a parent, you take a special interest when the snack shelf may contain a salmonella outbreak that recently occurred at a major food manufacturer, and could potentially be putting your young children at risk.

What snacks should we be tossing from our Texas pantry due to salmonella?

If you check Quaker Granola Recall, you can take steps to seek a refund for the potentially hazardous foods in your pantry as you are requested to throw out all of the following items,

"The recall includes all sizes of Chewy Classic & 25% less sugar Granola Bars, Chewy Dipps Granola Bars, Big Chewy Bars, Quaker Simply Granola and Quaker Granola Cereals. Some of these products may be included in Frito Lay Multi-Packs."

Why should we be concerned with potential salmonella contamination?

Salmonella infection is caused by bacteria that gets into your digestive track. It is possible to be symptom free, but the symptoms are most commonly similar to having a stomach bug.

Even though most people recover within a few days, salmonella infection can possibly be severe to fatal, especially for anyone who is health compromised, the elderly, or very young.

If you think you might be infected, monitor your status closely, and see a physician if symptoms become severe enough.

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