You may have noticed not all retail shopping hours and routines have returned to normal since the implemented Covid-19 protocols when it comes to shopping at Texas stores especially places like Walmart that had once been regularly 24 hours in pretty much all of their super center locations. When the hours began to shrink due to restrictions or staffing issues, we discovered there are definitely times you should not shop at Walmart.

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Now a new rule is being implemented to the operating hours of every Walmart in Texas, and many are applauding the decision to make it mandatory for all stores, not just some. The goal of the new hours are actually intended to make the shopping experience more accessible to customers by removing as many obstacles as possible especially for shoppers with sensory issues.

No, they is not going to be sending in ghost hunting teams to make sure the stores aren't haunted like this Galveston Walmart might be.

What new rule is Walmart implemented for all their Texas stores?

They are actually expanding their sensory sensitive shopping hours from being Saturdays only to every morning from 8 AM to 10 AM.

What do sensory sensitive hours mean for Texas Walmart stores?

Some of the highlights include lowering the building lights to as dim as safely possible to shop while also turning off all the radios and changing the TVs to only display static images, and to reduce the stimulation of the electronic devices as much as possible.

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