A story about a Maryland good Samaritan who was murdered last year in an attack that was blamed on panhandlers garnered national attention, but it took a bizarre Texas turn recently.

Baltimore police now believe that the woman was killed by her husband and her stepdaughter, who were apprehended in Texas while making their way to Mexico.

According to WMAR-TV in Baltimore, Keith and Valeria Smith were arrested by Texas State Troopers without incident on Sunday just outside of Harlingen after Baltimore Police alerted them of the make and model of their car.

Back in December 2018, Jacquelyn Smith was reportedly stabbed to death after giving money to a panhandler. Her death sparked outrage in the city and her story gained national attention from others, including Oprah Winfrey. Oprah tweeted that the situation made her "think twice" before giving to a panhandler.

But after three months of investigation, Baltimore police believe that Keith and Valeria Smith made up the story. The Smiths were arraigned before a Cameron County, Texas district judge Monday morning, and waived their rights to contest extradition. Baltimore police have until March 20th to extradite them back to Maryland.

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