If you've been to Austin or Dallas or any big city lately you are probably starting to notice the huge abundance of these motorized scooters all over their streets.

Apparently, lots of fast thinking companies make these scooters available for rent and folks just leave them all over the place when their done with them or when they run out of juice while others are putting these things to good use.

Look, we all gotta get to work somehow but this is pretty risky. YouTube user Josh Weatherl posted dashcam video of a guy on a "Lime Scooter" cutting across 5 lanes of traffic in what seems to be a very busy morning rush hour in Dallas. The driver of the car is clearly astounded by "Scooter Man's" bravery to hit the highway and risk life and limb to get where he needs to go.

Don't get any bright ideas Central Texans, I-35 is enough drama as it is. Let the good folks up in Dallas or down in Austin deal with this craziness. PLEASE use a Uber/Lyft or catch a ride with someone or just WALK.

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