All of Killeen, Texas' water events have opened back up for the summer. Children are out enjoying themselves getting splashed and having the time of their life like any other child during the summertime.

But one side of town is experiencing a dry spell when it comes to summer fun. Why is that?

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There is no school. There are no rules. There is barely a curfew - just good fun in Killeen.

Unfortunately, there's not so much fun on the north side where I grew up.

I recently noticed that the Long Branch splash pad hasn't been open all year. I’ve had plenty of callers and listeners ask me what is going on, so I only felt like it was right that I got the information so we could get to the bottom of exactly what is going on here and when we can expect to see the kids out there having fun again.

Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie


Well, it turns out the Long Branch splash pad unfortunately will be out this season due to the fact that they are working on the maintenance.

At first  I was upset just like any other north side local due to the fact that I have small nieces and nephews who love the splash pad, but let’s be honest - we want the best for our children, so let the City of Killeen take their time with fixing whatever needs it so our babies can safely enjoy it next summer.

Until then, there are plenty of places around Central Texas where we can take our children to cool off this summer. Once the splash pad is back up and running, I will definitely have the update for all of Central Texas once we get the okay. Until then, enjoy your summer and continue to stay cool!

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