I would like to start this off by assuming that the majority of the people reading this don't drink tap water, I could be wrong.

I was also told when I moved here 6 years ago, not to drink the tap water.


So who am I to change the rules? LOL.

Last week, the Bell County Water Control and Improvement District issued a press release to its citizens of Bell County about the odor and taste of their water delivery through November 22nd, 2021.

According to the release, the Bell County Water Control and Improvement District (or BCWCID) says it will:

"Temporarily convert the disinfectant in its water treatment process from chloramines to free chlorine. During this period, you may experience taste and odor changes associated with the type of temporary disinfectant conversion. Disinfection is a critical part of the water treatment process that keeps drinking water free of harmful microorganisms, such as parasites and viruses. Disinfection involves a two-step process that first treats the water at the treatment plant and then chloramine disinfectant (chlorine +ammonia) is added to maintain water quality. During the temporary change, BCWCID1 will suspend adding ammonia and use free chlorine to keep the water disinfected as it travels through pipes.

The only thing that pops in my mind...is the water safe to drink?

Bathe in?

I need answers!



Thankfully, KWTX posted some answers:

I still have questions!


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