An American company is building a new factory in Georgetown, Texas, and a total of 260 jobs are headed this way.

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The new 100-million-dollar facility is owned by solar company GAF Energy, which plans to produce its residential solar roof shingles in the United States instead of Asia, according to

Solar Panel Suppliers in U.S.

Panel supplies in the United States have faced major disruptions since 2020, partly because of pandemic-related supply chain turmoil along with border issues.

GAF Energy is a unit of privately-held conglomerate Standard Industries, and is one of a small number of companies producing technology to bring solar panels and roof shingles together.

First Nailable Solar Shingle

Earlier this year, GAF Energy presented what was described as the world's first 'nailable' solar shingle - the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle - in Las Vegas.

The new Texas plant will increase the company’s capacity by 500%, and bring its domestic production capacity from 50 MW to 300 Megawatts. The company's only current plant is in San Jose, California.

GAF Energy's website states that its mission is 'energy from every roof, not just energy from every roof where there’s a homeowner who can afford it.'

GAF Georgetown, Texas Facility

The manufacturing plant north of Austin will be 450,000-square-feet, and will produce the Timberline Solar Energy Shingle. The new factory is the company's second plant, and will make GAF Energy the largest solar roofing producer in the world. reports that the Georgetown factory is expected to be finished and start producing solar shingles next year.

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