A Texas city has been highlighted in an article of the best "Main Street" shopping experiences you can enjoy in all 50 states. When you think of picturesque downtown shopping in the Lone Star State, many immediately think Salado, Texas, but it is actually another beautiful Central Texas town that ranked higher.

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As cities continue to grow larger and larger, the central commercial district is actually shrinking out of many towns. The time when everyone once went to Main Street or the town square to do almost the entirety of their shopping has shifted as we now use the convenience of automobiles or public transportation to find a shopping center that is often anchored by an HEBWalmart or Target.

Where is the best Main Street shopping in Texas?

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

As we mentioned earlier how the population boom of areas is greatly effecting the downtown shopping district, it is a wild coincidence that the best "Main Street" shopping in Texas is actually hidden within the fastest growing city in the United States. According to this Cheapism article, Georgetown, Texas is has the best "Main Street" shopping in the whole state.

What makes Georgetown, Texas have the best "Main Street" shopping in the state?

They already have the self professed,

"The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas."

It appears they back that up with their gorgeous courthouse and several shops that feature unique items.

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

Salado still has great shopping and is beautiful. My recommendation is to check out both, and decide which one has the best shopping for yourself.

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