Joe Budden reveals how much money he's made off podcasting and no one believes him.

Joe Budden Divulges Podcast Earnings

On Wednesday (April 24), the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast aired, which featured special guest Doe Boy. During the sit-down, Doe queries Joe about how much money he's made since becoming a podcaster.

"How much money you think you done made since you started this podcasting," Doe asks in the video clip below.

"Altogether in the whole 10 years?" Joe replies. "About [$4 million.]"

The number prompts laughs from Joe's cohosts who call cap on the claim.

"I think about 4 mill," Joe adds. "Early on, we was doing it for free. Then, we hit a little lick, Spotify. Then, n***as left, the building crumbled a little bit. My friends came and saved the day. Probably about three-and-a-half to four-and-a-half million."

"That's bap," Doe Boy responds.

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The History of The Joe Budden Podcast 

Joe Budden originally got into podcasting in February of 2015 with I'll Name This Podcast Later cohosted by Rory Farrell and Marisa Mendez. Mendez was replaced by Jamil "Mal" Clay in 2016. In August of 2018, Joe signed a podcast deal with Spotify. The contract ended in September of 2020.

The following month, Joe launched The Joe Budden Network. In May of 2021, Rory and Mal left the show following a falling out with Joe over payment issues. The current hosts of the popular podcast include Joe, Parks Vallely, Lamar "Ice" Burney, Antwan "Ish" Marby, Melyssa Ford and Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson.

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See the video of Joe Budden revealing how much money he's made off of podcasting and the reactions of disbelief below.

Watch a Clip From the Latest Episode of The Joe Budden Podcast

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