American cars in my opinion are seen more in the great state of Texas than any city in the United States, well, maybe not Detroit but for the most part, Texans love American cars. When you’re choosing a vehicle for you or you and your family a lot goes into buying your car. When buying your car, you may look to see how safe it is for you and your family, maybe how fast it could possibly be, or even what gadgets are available on the car of your choice.

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If you’re someone who is a speed demon looking for a sports car or maybe just a family man needing a minivan, either way, your last thought is more than likely that you want your car to be stolen. Texans want to know how to go about avoiding getting their car stolen. Honestly, there’s not much we can do in regards to someone taking our property besides putting up certain alarms on our vehicles, making sure that the doors are locked, and keeping an eye on our car.


There are some cars in Texas that are just targeted as a car to be stolen. According to Way Services, if you're a person in Texas who enjoys American cars, you could find yourself being a victim of a carjacking. Way Services says that the number one vehicle in Texas that comes up missing would be the Chevrolet Pickup full size. The Chevrolet pickup full-size has over 9000 stolen units in Texas and the Ford pickup follows right behind with 8000 stolen units. I live in Texas where pickup trucks are a way of life when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, I’m not saying you should switch your car to something you don’t want, but I am saying, the Chevrolet pickup is the number one targeted vehicle in Texas.

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