Passing gas is something we all must do and it can be pretty embarrassing to many of us especially if we're out in public. We've taught that while it is better to let it out than it is keeping it in, we also been taught that you shouldn't just let them rip in public or in polite company.

Well this week's award goes to Shanetta Wilson who lives in the state where craziness is a prerequisite to even MOVE there: Florida. Ms. Wilson was a customer at a Dollar General store and while she was waiting to make her purchases, her "gas" problem was flaring up and she decided to let them rip.

According to The Miami Herald, John Walker, the customer standing next to her, in line couldn't take the farts and began to argue with Ms. Wilson about her flatulence and its what happens next that earns Ms. Wilson this week's award.

Instead of apologizing or simply hopping out of the line to release all her gas, Ms. Wilson, according to Broward County Sheriffs report, pulled out a KNIFE and told Mr. Walker that she was going to ‘gut’ him. While doing so, she pulled back her right hand with the knife as if she was going to attack the victim with it according to police.

After deputies arrived, Ms. Wilson left the scene but was later found and identified a few blocks away. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

My advice to Ms. Wilson is to cut back on the vegetables and next time just buy some Gas-X or just excuse yourself to a private area and them rip but don't go to jail behind your gas. Bless her heart.. and her intestines Bishop.

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