We all know how quickly gas prices have risen over the past few months. We all now wince in pain standing at the pump these days. But recently, something new happened in adult life.

Sometimes, here at the station we're asked to go fill up one of our station vehicles.. It's not that difficult, and hey, sometimes we all could use a breath of fresh air. So a fellow coworker and I hopped into the truck to get lunch, get the truck refueled in the same trip.

Two birds with one stone, and getting fuel for both the vehicle and ourselves as well.

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So we grabbed the keys and drove out to the pump. Now, if this was our vehicle, I think me and my coworker would be shaking in our boots at the thought of refueling the vehicle. But we didn't have to worry about that.

We pull in, and while chatting, the fueling begins. I eventually turn around to check and make sure nothing is going wrong with pump and notice we've hit 75 dollars during refueling.

Ok, that's to sorta be expected since as stated previously, prices are ridiculous and we can all agree about it. The price continues to climb, and eventually it hits...

$100. Yes we have hit a number that we all shudder to look at unless it's being added to our bank account.

I really can't believe that prices have hit these new highs. Almost makes think about purchasing an electric car. Then again however, who wants to stick their car on a charger for a long period of time.

I feel like there has to be a better way to fuel up cars these days...have any ideas? Let us know on our station app!

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