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As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across an article from the Killeen Daily Herald that reports on the Killeen City Council's brand new "Council Chambers" and how the council was getting used to all of its "bells and whistles".

It immediately made me think back to some time in 2017 and 2018 when it was widely reported that the city was in the middle of a budget crisis and couldn't find money to do anything to improve the city. But somehow Spectrum Cable was able to give the city $300,000 to get their new digs for the chamber. So I had to do some research.

Good news huh? (Quick note, when you go to YOUTUBE to watch the video above, the city disabled the comments more than likely because angry residents was giving them the business)

Here are some facts folks. The Killeen City Council voted to in September 2017 to cut 20 police officers from KPD when the city had the HIGHEST PER CAPITA CRIME RATE IN CENTRAL TEXAS. The effects of which are still being felt by the department who are losing officers due to low pay and longer shifts. Now the council and the Mayor are claiming that police funding can wait until next year.

Then in 2018, the council chose to cut funding for the Central Texas HOP bus system which caused HOP to cut services and routes in Killeen putting thousands of residents in an uncomfortable position to figure out how to move around the city especially senior citizens arguing that HOP mismanaged funds. OH REALLY?

The Bob Gilmore Senior Center had to be shut down due to structural damage, roadwork issues and tons of other issues that effect the residents of the city were put to the back burner but the council made sure it got its "shiny new chamber with all the bells and whistles" all while claiming the city's finances were in ruins.

I get it, the taxpayers didn't foot the bill for the city council chamber, but it still shows that the city and the council's priorities are not in line with what's right for the CITIZENS of Killeen. Its funny how they were able to get Spectrum to pay up for what they want but can't any of their other "partners" to pitch in and help out on things that are REALLY important to those that live in the city.

So while I hope you all enjoy yall new "council chamber", just so you know every single sitting member of the council including the mayor is perceived by the residents of this city as "ineffective" and only concerned with holding on to whatever little power you all have.

And perception is reality. That's why this week, the Killeen City Council receives the #Hell2DaNawNaw Award.

If any member of the Killeen City Council feels I'm wrong or that I don't have all the information, consider this an OPEN INVITATION to join me on #JamminOnTheJob to explain the council's position on all this and answer questions for my audience.

I'll await your reply, until then, bless them Bishop.


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