If you served in the Armed Services, then you know that each branch, whether its Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, has its own share of "ate up" troops, and we all have jokes pertaining to each branch (yes, you too Coast Guard). But one thing we're all aware of is that, despite our jokes, we're on the same team and we don't disparage another branch in front of civilians. It's sort of an unwritten rule. So when this story came out earlier this week of a soldier from Fort Hood being barred from volunteering at a Gatesville elementary school due to some "ate up" behavior, you can very quickly determine why this guy earned himself this week's award.

According to our news partner KWTX, a soldier from Fort Hood has been barred from volunteering at Gatesville Elementary School after a parent complained that the soldier injured a third grader when the soldier turned the child's head in order to get him to walk in the opposite direction. The soldier also made disparaging comments about Marines, calling them "stupid" and other disrespectful things I don't want to say here.

For starters, while one soldier doesn't represent all, this "soup sandwich" is doing a huge disservice to all the good work other troops on Fort Hood are doing in our area. Next, if the Army (or civilian life or living in a civilized society) has taught us anything, it should be that you don't PUT YOUR HANDS ON OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS! And finally, the reason you're receiving this award is simple: Don't talk bad about another service member (or ANYbody) when you're more than "ate up" yourself there, high speed.

For disrespecting the many great men and women who have fought and died in the SAME UNIFORM UNDER THE SAME FLAG you have and for getting yourself banned from an elementary school, this soldier has earned a salute from the Bishop!

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