With the Olympics wrapping up, we've seen some amazing and historic performances as the U.S. gets ready to close the Games with the lead in the medal count. We've seen countless stories of Americans showing great sportsmanship and representing our country in a positive light, then there's this moron, Ryan Lochte, helping to keep the "ugly American" stereotype alive and well.

Lochte made headlines last weekend after reporting to Brazilian police that him and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint after leaving a club in Rio, but the police in Rio quickly found inconsistencies in their stories and Lochte's lies were exposed according to NBC News. He as since issued an "apology" after hopping on the first thing smoking and leaving his teammates to fend for themselves as they were detained by Brazilian officials and not allowed to leave the country.

Consider the flack Gabby Douglas received for not putting her hand on her heart after her win and now consider the "pleas" being copped for Lochte like this one and you'll see why folks are upset that this attention loving thug gets off so easily. Well I won't let him. Ryan Lochte is an embarrassment to our country and he should be extradited back to Brazil to face any charges for his lies. Be Clear: RYAN LOCHTE IS 32 YEARS OLD. A GROWN MAN acting like a child is not a "kid". He knows better but chooses not to act better. He's a moron. Period. For causing an international incident for being a spoiled idiot, you gotta bless him Bishop!

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