With all the bad news and misinformation coming out about this pandemic, its about time we start identifying some of the "crazy" stuff folks are throwing out there, flying in the face of medical convention, and proposing to put an end to all this.

According to The New York Post, Governor Mike Sonko of Nairobi, Kenya announced plans to include “small bottles of Hennessy” in food packs being distributed to the city’s poor families amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor believes that the alcohol in Henny can kill the coronavirus, clearly misunderstanding medical experts that say alcohol used in hand sanitizers and other products that contain 60 to 70 percent alcohol can kill the virus on skin. NOT DRINKING ALCOHOL. In fact the World Health Organization says that drinking alcohol could INCREASE your health risk. Hennessy contains 40% alcohol, not nearly enough to kill a virus but just enough to kill a few brain cells. Here's his announcement:

And somehow he got elected GOVERNOR? Who is his campaign manager, because this kind of tomfoolery sounds very familiar.

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