The Bell County Public Health District has raised the COVID-19 threat level from 3 (Moderate) to 2 (Significant) this week, which has me wondering if any other parents here in Killeen, Texas are nervous about sending their children back to school.

As I've written before, I'm the parent of a Killeen ISD student. I worry about my child attending school with classes as overcrowded as they are, especially with so many cases of COVID-19 being reported.

Children sometimes forget their masks at home, and it doesn't seem to me like KISD is enforcing any sort of masking rule, which really infuriates me. Now the district is offering free COVID-19 testing in the lead-up to classes being back in session, and it has me on edge about even sending my child back to school.

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Personally, I see red flags at KISD that make me reluctant to send my child back. There's been, in my opinion, a lack of accountability with certain administrators, and it hasn't been easy for parents to get answers to some of our questions.

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I've never been more frustrated with a situation in my life. I don't necessarily blame the school board, and I know they're often doing the best they can, but how many times have their been missed opportunities to make necessary changes? It just saddens me.

For eight hours a day, I have to trust someone with my child to not only mold them into being their best, but to make him feel like his voice can be heard. I’m not exactly sure that I’ll be sending mine back to school right away, but I will say if I do, I'll be praying that the school will take the COVID-19 situation seriously.

As I mentioned above, the threat level in Bell County has gone up. Interim Bell County Public Health District Director Nikki Morrow wrote in an email Monday that our county saw a decrease in cases going into October, but that cases again surged over the holidays.

Citing the increase contagiousness of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, Morrow encouraged the people of Bell County to get vaccinated or receive a booster as soon as possible, and to mask up in public. You can read her full statement here.

So, I have a poll question for the parents of Central Texas. Vote below, then let me know your thoughts in the comments. Whatever your thoughts on this matter, I hope we can at least agree to wish our kids a safe and successful school year despite all the craziness going on.

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