This week's award goes to a criminal who pulled off a pretty daring and now legendary crime that has the internet laughing.

Darrius Williams is wanted in Alabama for entering stores dressed as a delivery man, then loading up carts with beer and soda, then walking right out the front door and placing them in his car and leaving according to

Williams has apparently hit up several stores in the Pratville, Alabama area and he's wanted for 4 counts of theft of property.

I have a few questions. First, man what are you going to do with all that damn beer and soda? Is there a "black market" on beer and soda? I guess I'm just generally confused by the crime altogether which is why I'm just sitting here watching the surveillance video going "Hell 2 Da Naw".

Maybe the police should just keep an eye out this weekend for a massive party of some kind anywhere in the area, that might tip some one off if your neighbor shows up with endless cases of brew.

Anyway, if you know this guy, contact the local Crime Stoppers there at (334)215-STOP and you can tell them that me and the Bishop told him:

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