It's finally over...or is it? By now you know President-Elect Donald Trump is set to take office and as most of the nation hangs by the edge of their seat wondering what's in store for the next 4 years, there are certain people in this country that don't know when to quit, if you happen to come across this article, then this is directed at YOU.

I'm a person that believes in listening to everyone's point of view because we're all different. While most "liberals" are still quite angry that Trump lost in the popular vote but still got his seat due to the electoral college, many "conservatives" are calling for "unity" and for people to "come together" and support the President-Elect while ignoring the fact that he was largely elected using rhetoric that divided the country more than it did to unite it.

And to that I say this: "Don't tell THEM to settle down, tell that to the people YOU KNOW that support him". Why? Because since Election Day in America, according to The Southern Poverty Law Center there have been over 400 reported incidents of "hateful harassment and intimidation" in America and its being done under the name of "Trump". From vandalism to harassment of immigrants, minorities and the gay community.

I've had the pleasure of talking to Trump supporters who I not only admire but also respect (not just on Facebook but in one on one conversations) and I can assure you that not all of these folks are racist nor do they desire deportation of immigrants. Lots of the supporters that I've talked to have very valid reasons for voting for Trump including his knowledge of economics and the tax code. In these discussions, I've learned that there are things that concern them that I totally understand because at the end of the day, you have to vote for the person that you believe represents YOUR best interest. As a veteran of this nation's military, I hope that he does succeed and makes our nation stronger and better...

BUT, I won't allow them or anyone for that matter, get away with ignoring that SOME of his supporters are emboldened to commit racist acts and hate crimes because they misconstrued Trump's "Make America Great Again" message as "Make America White Again". Kind of like how ALL Muslims are condemned for terror acts despite the fact that a majority of Muslims who practice the faith of Islam are not affiliated with any terror organization.

My hope is that YOU as a supporter of Trump would stand up and tell your FELLOW supporters more than "Stop It" as Trump recently stated in a "60 Minutes" interview. If you know someone who behaves in this manner then its not up to US who may have opposed him to "come together and unify". That responsibility falls upon you and if you choose to ignore it, then you are only confirming a perception many in America are feeling right now: "You may not be a racist or a bigot, but you have no problem with racism existing".

The ball's in your court!

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