I always find it amazing that when it comes to America's drug problem, its almost always and largely ignored as long as it stays prevalent in poor minority communities. But the second it starts to infiltrate more affluent areas, suddenly its a problem that needs to be dealt with. This constant hypocrisy was on display at a recent town hall meeting in Maine where the governor of that state Paul LePage, went on a tirade about drug dealers from Connecticut and New York selling heroin in his state and "impregnating young white girls" then leaving the state to deal with the "problem".

Of course, the usual "this isn't about race" standard answer came from his "press team" and the subsequent "apologies" but let's keep it all the way funky Governor. YOU made it about race the minute you expressed concern over the "impregnating young WHITE girls". Why just those girls? What are these drug dealers doing, selectively skipping over the black and latino girls?  And for the record, I know a "D-Money" personally, and he's white, and a stand-up guy. For once again, showcasing the hypocrisy of America's criminal justice system and drug laws and for saying some racist stuff, Paul LePage, say hello to the bishop!