I don't know too many people who DON'T LOVE TACOS, but a Houston woman got so angry over her taco order being cold that she decided brandishing firearms would be the way to solve her taco issues.

According to ABC 13 in Houston, a woman, upset that a taco truck employee refused to "re-heat" her order, shot her boyfriend who tried to tell her to calm down about it. Police don't know if it was accidental or on purpose but the boyfriend is expected to survive.

She definitely deserves this week's award and some anger management classes for sure, but her boyfriend gotta get this award too because any man that knows better knows that one thing you don't say when a woman is "on one" is "calm down". But any item of food that drives you to the point of brandishing weapons must be DAMN good, so I'll be keeping my eyes on this taco truck and its location. In the mean time, bless them Bishop!


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