Love Tacos? Of course you do!

Can you guess which Texas city landed in the top spot for "2021’s Best Texas Cities for Tacos" list?

The evolution of the taco over the last 10 or 15 years has been remarkable. Eating tacos while I was growing up was just a simple way to serve dinner with little prep, cook and cleanup time but over the years tacos have become a entity all it's own. I use to think that tacos were only for dinner but then breakfast tacos showed up in my world and changed the game.

I'm talking about more than just eating tacos too. Bumper stickers, clothing, taco hats, skateboards and Halloween costumes and so much more have become part of our culture. I'm pretty convinced that he food truck revolution started after taco trucks became so popular.

Almost every city that does a "Best Of" list of some kind will have a category dedicated to "Best Tacos", "Best Place to Eat a Taco" and "Best Taco Truck." Yes, we love to celebrate tacos.

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I wonder if other countries are as taco-obsessed as we are here in the U.S.? If they're not, they are missing out.

So with all that said, LawnStarter crunched some numbers and found the best city in Texas for Tacos. According to their site, they "looked for cities with wide access to taquerias, National Taco Championships awards, high consumer ratings, and taco festivals. We even considered Google search volumes for “tacos” to gauge local taco love." 

Before we reveal the number one Texas city for tacos, let's see what city topped the list for 'Most Establishments Serving Tacos per 100,000 Residents', that would be Galveston, Texas.

The top Texas city with the 'Most Taco Festivals Per 100,000 Residents' is McAllen, Texas and 'Highest Median Consumer Rating for Establishments Serving Tacos' would be Texarkana, Texas.

Congrats to all those taco loving cities but as for 2021’s Best Texas Cities for Tacos, that honor goes to Austin with Round Rock finishing second, Dallas third, San Antonio fourth and Houston rounding out the top 5.

In case you were wondering, Waco finished at #29 on the list with Killeen taking #38th and Temple bringing up the rear at #91.

I've always heard that San Antonio was the place to go for tacos but apparently Austin is tops in 2021.

National Taco Day, Oct. 4... Let's Celebrate!

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