Remember a few weeks back we asked you what should replace the now defunct "Richard Rawlings Garage" location in Harker Heights?

A lot of you shared your thoughts about what should go there, but I think I have found the answer that a majority of us can agree with.

Over the past weekend, I went out to Austin to check out the Urban Music Festival and when I left, I was trying to figure out what to eat for dinner before returning to Killeen.

Having tried so many different dining options out in Austin, there was one place I had never been to but Texans all over the area have been ranting and raving about for years:


Torchy's Tacos.

For starters, I never had Torchy's, but having heard Texans talking about how good it is and when I told folks I never had it, people would look at me like I should be deported out of state. So this was the weekend for me to give it a shot.

It didn't disappoint, that's for sure. The interesting thing about my first visit to Torchy's was that I was unaware of what to order from the menu, and when I clicked on the "menu" portion of its website, it redirected me to their "secret menu".

My goodness, the options were crazy!

The taco on the left hand side of the photo above is one of the tacos I ordered from the "secret menu" which was called "Trailer Park Hillbilly Style", and it was ridiculously delicious. Fried chicken, chorizo, bacon, green chilles, green chile queso, and the usual taco fixings made this monster fun to eat and very filling. As my stomach hurt, I kept on forcing delicious tacos down my gullet because I'm an idiot, but it was so good!

So let me be clear to the good folks at Torchy's. We know you've got your eyeballs on Killeen-Fort Hood. When you're ready to come on down and move into the city, we have the PERFECT location for you!


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