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Before you think I'm bashing churches, let me be clear by saying that I grew up in the Baptist church, attended Sunday School every week even sung in several choirs. I know that faith is a very important and a guiding force in a many peoples lives including my own.


Sometimes folks can take the "marketing" aspect of living a holier life a little can I put this...crazy. By "marketing" I mean, using social media and other means to encourage folks to take up your belief structure because it works for you and you want to share it. That's all fine and good, won't ever knock it, but please don't be lame like "The Bible Slide".

No one quite knows the origins of "The Bible Slide" or when it was produced (the Youtube upload date is in 2012 so its clearly several years old) or even if its from an actual church but its been making the rounds on social media like crazy recently as folks wonder what in God's name is going on here.

Look, a simple dance would have sufficed but some of the messaging in this song and video is downright weird, creepy and off putting. For example:

"Let's Have Some Spiritual Milk" (yeeeeeah I'll pass)

"Jump Out The Boat" (What boat?)


Look, this isn't the first time we've seen folks try to take secular music and flip it into a gospel message. But again, you have to be careful WHAT METHOD YOU'RE CHOOSING and WHAT YOUR MESSAGE IS or you'll live in internet infamy, not for your message but for your method.

I'll leave you with a downright crazy example. An artist using R. KELLY'S "Bump N Grind Remix" for "Christian purposes... "I don't see nothing wrong with living for Jesus Christ" (but I see a DOZEN reasons why this song selection was absolutely WRONG my guy).

"He can reform and redeem the pimp" (Indeed). Maybe Kanye will put it on his next "Gospel" album with Joel Osteen.


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