You know it takes a truly special kind of scumbag to STEAL from a charity but considering the world we live in now, it really shouldn't be a surprise.

According to our news partners at News 10, Killeen police are investigating the theft of a Salvation Army kettle that was outside of the Wal-Mart on Lowe's Boulevard. It happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT at about 4:40 pm on Thursday. Luckily the "bell-ringer" wasn't injured in the theft.

Proceeds from the annual Red Kettle Campaign are a major source of funding for the Salvation Army’s programs in Bell County including the McLane Center of Hope, shelters for men, women and families and nightly case management for as many as 70 people. - via News 10

Its normal around the holidays to see crime like robbery and theft go up because society has put so much pressure on folks to have a "great Christmas" that some morons would rather resort to crime than rely upon the MANY folks in the area that are more than happy to provide help during this time.

But when you resort to STEALING from the folks who are trying to HELP, then you deserve to spend your holidays in JAIL and I have absolutely no sympathy for you. If you're having a tough time this holiday season, don't be afraid to reach out to someone and let them know you need help instead of taking a penitentiary chance.

If you want to donate to The Salvation Army you can online and if you see a bell ringer this season, make a donation as well and let's turn this negative to a positive.

Happy Holidays yall and be careful out there!

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