I initially was leaning towards giving this week's award to President Trump for his "alternative facts" but we got 4 years of that tomfoolery to look forward to so let's bring it closer to home.

According to WFAA in Dallas, a middle school teacher in Dallas has been arrested after sleeping with one of her students. The kicker of this story is the student had been blackmailing her with threats to inform authorities of their relationship and for over a year, the student pocketed THOUSANDS of dollars from the teacher, over $20,000!

The mother of the 8th grade student discovered text messages between the two and she also noticed that her child was suddenly receiving money and doing drugs even going as far as disappearing from home for days at a time.

This story is sad all the way around. The teacher has now lost her freedom, and while the teen won't be charged for his "extortion" activities, I have to wonder where the child's parents were and why they didn't have a better handle on their child's activities.

After reading this story I immediately began to think about my parents and how they would react if they found any money above $5 in my pocket at the age of 14 let alone receiving THOUSANDS. I know for a FACT that I would have received the third degree or a full-scale investigation into MY activities.

But according to The Austin American-Stateman, Texas seems to have a rising problem with teacher-student relationships. The number of Texas teachers accused of having improper relationships with students has climbed for the eighth year in a row. Its becoming a problem that needs to be addressed but I won't put the blame and burden on the teachers. We as PARENTS have to have a better handle on what our kids are up to and not be afraid to address them.

I know "guys" joke about this kind of stuff a lot ("Where were these teachers when I was in school?" and "Why are these kids telling on themselves?") but it has to stop because we're still talking about "pedophilia" in its truest form regardless of gender. That's not an "alternative fact" but an actual fact.

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