The NBA Finals could be coming to a close tonight, or it could be extended depending on the outcome of things in Game 5 (June 12th) but one things for sure, just about everyone in Central Texas from what I can tell has taken a side.

My only prediction before the series was that it was going to go 7 games and that it was too close to call, and while that prediction seems to be in peril at the moment, it hasn't stopped the ongoing debates on social media. While I personally don't have "a dog in this fight", it has been fun to watch! So what do you think CTX? Who you go winning the Finals? Here are your choices:


  • A.

    Golden State Warriors

    The Warriors have had to suffer through a year of being harassed with "blew a 3-1 lead" talk and went out and lured Kevin Durant to the team and look poised to complete the job. But you know that last year's collapse has got to be in the back of their mind.

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  • B.

    Cleveland Cavaliers

    The defending champs have looked shaky over this series and at moments, have looked like "The Cleveland Lebron And Thems" all over again, harking back to Lebron's first stint with the Cavs where he had to do EVERYTHING. But Kyrie Irving and a few of the Cavs vets stepped up in Game 4 to keep them alive. Speaking of Game 5..

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  • C.

    The Refs

    That's right, your 3rd choice is the referees. If you watched Game 4 and checked social media at the same time like I do, you would swear (according to who you root for) the refs were putting the screws to BOTH teams. Warriors fans thought the Cavs were getting all the calls and vice versa when really, the officiating stunk all around.

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