Get ready to grab some tissue and some Theraflu Texas, because we all know when the weather gets the changing, flu season is around the corner. Flu season in Texas is extremely dangerous and dramatic. Unlike other states, flu season in Texas can literally last for six months with just the Cedar Trees alone. As a person who had the flu, I can tell you that the flu is very common for you to catch, and it can make you absolutely miserable.

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The flu in Texas doesn’t just affect Texans though, according to ATX Animal Clinic, Texans should beware of the flu also being caught by their fur babies. In Texas, your dog can also catch Canine influenza. Last year around this time there were veterinarians who were located in Waco, Texas that claimed there was a virus spreading in Central Texas. Dogs we’re literally testing positive for this heinous flu even though Canine influenza, isn’t a fatal virus, it still does a number on our fur babies, and who wants to see that?


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This particular virus is an air-borne virus that spreads through dogs' respiratory secretion, such as sneezing, coughing, and even barking. Now, unless your dog is Brian Griffin, your dog can’t necessarily tell you the symptoms or how they’re feeling, so what you need to look for to see if your dog is suffering from Canine Influenza would be just as if you caught the flu. Your dog could possibly stop eating, coughing, and just not being their normal selves. You know your animal and what you consider their normal behavior. ATX Animal Clinic says if you have any questions about Canine Influenza or suspect your dog may have the virus you can always contact them here. Make sure to look for signs of Canine Influenza in our fur babies this season.

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