Man, best friend here in Texas is definitely not an understatement. According to Safe Wise, the state of Texas is a 44% pet-friendly state and Austin is the number one pet-friendly city. Having a dog in Texas usually means one to two things either it’s an animal to protect/ and be a part of the family or an animal to retake your livestock either way we love our babies.

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You might say that the only thing that a dog is lacking is the ability to actually speak because when it comes to companionship duties, a dog definitely checks each box. Even though our babies are there for us, we have to make sure that we are there for them as well, and because they can’t speak, you would think it could be a little challenging. Recently I have noticed a lot of dogs have been dressed in some of the cutest bandannas. At first look, I thought the bandannas were just a fashion statement, but according to Shy Face, a bandanna around your dog, neck could be something to not only save your life but make a dog's life a lot easier. For example, if you see a dog wearing a white bandanna around its neck, it could mean that the dog is deaf, an orange bandanna means your dog doesn’t like other dogs, and a green bandanna means your dog is totally and utterly friendly.



One German shepherd bites a man by the hand. Training and breeding thoroughbred dogs.
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I noticed there was a red bandanna as well which I felt was the most important bandanna that Texans need to know. Wearing a yellow bandanna may mean the dog is somewhat nervous and needs a little bit of space, which is usually normal for dogs who are adopted but it is the red bandanna, I really want Texans to focus and be alert when seeing it, this could possibly save you or your own little one's lives. The red bandanna on the dog is very clear, this dog not only wants space but she is very dangerous, and you must use caution when coming near that particular animal. Just like humans, dogs are just asking to respect their space. So I’m asking Texans to make sure to be alert when seeing certain dogs in certain colors because again it could possibly save your life.

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