What do you do when you're a billionaire with more money than you could ever spend? Anything you want or, you buy a ghost town in Texas.

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Mark Cuban already owns a NBA Basketball team but did you know he also owns a town in Navarro County Texas? Cuban bought Mustang, Texas in late 2021 for a reported $2 million.

Mustang, Texas

Mustang, Texas is a 77-acre town located about 55 miles south of Dallas along I-45 just south of Corsicana. Back in 2008, according to the Corsicana Daily Sun, Fernando Ramirez was beaten to death outside a strip club known as Whispers by the house DJ.

Mustang is pretty much a ghost town these days with only a wastewater treatment facility, volunteer fire department, and a trailer park where 20-some people live plus a resident alligator in one of the ponds.

At the time of the purchase, Cuban said he had no real plans for the town. That could change.

Dinosaur, Texas

Cuban made an appearance on the Drew Barrymore Show in late July and talked about his possible plans for Mustang, Texas.

Cuban is also one of the stars of the TV program Shark Tank. In March of 2021 he bought into a company owned by Dino Dan, who makes robotic, life sized dinosaurs.

Cuban told Barrymore of his plans to possibly turn Mustang, Texas into Dinosaur, Texas and turn the town into a robotic "Jurassic Park" filling the town with different dinosaurs.

Cha Ching

Brilliant idea. Can you imagine if something like this happens? One things for sure, Cuban knows how to capitalize on his investments, that's how he got to where he is today. If he follows through on this idea, it would be a tourist jackpot.

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