I'll admit that I'm not a "pie guy". When presented with the option, I prefer cake over pie but pie is essential to most folks Thanksgiving meals and while I prefer to pass every year a debate is starting to rage on social media about what "pie" is the best on Thanksgiving.

It is already established that when it comes to Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pie is the preferred pie of choice based on "tradition" and everything being "pumpkin" at this time of the year but a survey done by Buzzfeed found that tastes are changing and folks want a different flavor pie on Thanksgiving: Apple.

The survey found 42% of the people surveyed want APPLE pie for Thanksgiving while 39% want to keep pumpkin pie on the table. 19% of the folks surveyed said they want PECAN pie instead.

I voted for CAKE but what pie are you eating this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the poll below and I'll share some answers on the air!

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