Four thousand III Corps troops from Fort Hood are heading to South Korea.

 KWTX is reporting that troops are preparing to ship out to South Korea.

Thursday there was a 1st Cavalry Division color casing ceremony. The brigade's flag was packed away for deployment. The deployment is part of a nine-month rotation in support of Republic of Korea allies. The first group is expected to deploy on June 15th.

When I finished AIT they called everyone into the lounge to announce deployment assignments. The Drill Seargent started calling out names and where they were going to be stationed. Nothing specific, just by country. They went through half the names and everyone was going to South Korea.

When my name was called I was prepared to hear South Korea so I was getting my mind right to handle a year in hell. But, I was the first one to start a Germany trend. You could hear half the room just exhale in relief. Then the Korea recruits started mumbling hateful things in our direction. Suck It! I never did have to go to South Korea.

The last girl on the list got stationed in Italy, and the whole room started hating on her.

Once I got stationed in Germany, (Fulda), everyone was transferring to South Korea because they had heard you can get a "maid" to live with you and service all of your needs. Damn horndogs. I never did hear if that was true, or just a rumor started by the Army to get more people to go to Korea.


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