This is just too cute.

I think everyone reading this has forgotten to pack a few items in their luggage when going out of town.

But it seems like this couple should start double-checking their luggage moving forward! LOL

Don't Leave Me

A Texas dog wasn't having it after hearing the news that his owners were going on a romantic getaway in Las Vegas, so he decided he wanted to go to Vegas too!

Last month, "Icky" the chihuahua was found in a cowboy boot when a Southwest Airlines agent told Kristin and Jared Owens that their luggage exceeded the weight limit.

Reportedly Cathy Cook, a Southwest ticket agent, found out the little guy who jumped in his owner's boot and was very quiet while hanging out ready to board a flight to Vegas.

Too Heavy

According to Jared Owens Facebook page, Icky made their luggage 6 pounds too heavy!


Help Is On The Way

Cook offered to watch Icky while the couple was in Vegas, but luckily a family member rushed to the airport to pick the dog up, and the Owens were able to enjoy their romantic Las Vegas getaway.

According to Western Mass News, Kristi Owens, one of the dogs’ owners said their family has tons of animals including "rabbits, tons of fish, and three dogs". 

I assume Little Icky went missing when it came time to count her furry friends.


Check your luggage, before you leave home on the way to the airport, or you too can have an "Icky" situation!


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