A lot of you have plans to get out of town for Valentine's Day and with the Central Texas community being centrally located near almost every major city in Texas, there's lots to do to take care of the love of your life this week.

But a recent study done by Instacart, which tracked search results based on grocery shoppers online, shows that a few of our bigger Texas populaces may or may not be good locations for you and your lover this Valentine's Day. Instacart used nationwide search data and tracked "romance" related shopping items like "chocolate", "strawberries", "flowers", "wine" and other terms and ranked cities based on their searches for these items. Here are a few of the results:

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    Austin - Most Romantic City In Texas

    The state capital ranked highest among Texas cities this year on the Instacart Romance Index after last year's ranking had it as the 3rd LEAST romantic city in 2017. Austin finished as the 3rd MOST romantic city in America according to this list.

    Via Charlie Kaye on YouTube
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    Houston - 2nd LEAST Romantic City

    Damn, where is the love H-Town? According to this list, Houston is the 2nd LEAST romantic city in Texas, after making the "MOST" romantic list last year. I guess all the lovers moved to Austin.

    Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
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    San Antonio - The LEAST romantic City In Texas

    San Antonio has been declared the LEAST romantic city in Texas for 2018 according to Instacart. While I've personally spent Valentine's Day in the Alamo City and had a great time, I'm kind of shocked to see this.

    Remember The Alamo!