Someday, people may look back at this as the Woodstock of the 21st century.

Back in April of 2020, an Arizona man named Josh Swain got bored during COVID-19 lockdown and started a Facebook group challenging all the other Joshes out there to a fight for the rights to the name Josh. As the popularity of the group grew, Swain invited people to meet him at a set of coordinates in Lincoln, Nebraska on April 24, 2021, where the battle would take place.

What started out as a joke born from boredom became an actual event that drew hundreds of people to duke it out for the right to be called Josh.

The "battle" for the official title of Josh was a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors won by Swain, but everyone is really celebrating the victory of a 5-year-old boy who won the open pool noodle battle that followed. He was crowned "Little Josh" and coronated with a Burger King Crown.

The event reminds me a little of the Raid on Area 51 in 2019. You remember that - a bunch of people on the internet decided they would meet up at Area 51 and do the "Naruto run" at it because "they can't stop us all". That turned into a way of people coming together peacefully for something dumb but fun, and that's what happened here too.

What's great is that the Josh Fight actually made over $12,000 for a children's hospital in Omaha. The "Help Pay Legal Fees for Josh Swain’s To Change Their Name" fund started by Swain was actually a fundraiser for the Omaha Children's Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, so aside from the laughs, something truly good did come from the "battle".

The fund is still open, so if you want to donate here is the link.

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