See, I tried to warn EVERYBODY a few days ago that we should have shut down or delayed things because of the impending winter storm that was coming but NOPE...we just HAD to be tough guys and gals and press our luck.

Several areas of Central Texas were covered in snow flurries from overnight precipitation which also caused area bridges and roadways to ice over which in turn caused traffic havoc all over the area last night into this morning.

According to our news partners at News 10, several accidents were reported in Lorena, while Belton emergency crews dealt with an accident at the I-14/I-35 merge which caused traffic delays this morning.

Temple police worked multiple accidents overnight along Interstate 35 near Best Quality Meat & BBQ and exit 299. Officers responded to at least three accidents involving 18-wheelers and two others involving other vehicles. Its also being reported that at one accident scene, a firefighter, a police officer and a third person had to jump over a railing to get out of the path of an out-of-control vehicle on the highway.

While the temps are expected to warm back up and this will probably be all the snow we'll see, its another reminder that while the snow is beautiful, it can also be dangerous especially for a large amount of us not used to these conditions. Be safe out there.


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