With Veterans Day approaching, the Department of Veterans Affairs is working hard to restore trust with veterans after several years of scandals and long waits for benefits caused an outcry for a re-haul on how the federal government should take care of our veterans.

Melz recently talked to Mike Feil, Program Manager for the MyVA Task Force Program Support Office, which serves as the “nerve center” for the Department Veterans Affairs (VA) transformation effort led by VA Secretary Bob McDonald. He reports to the Executive Director of the MyVA Task Force. The Program Support Office guides and supports the activities of the MyVA priority initiatives in pursuit of the Task Force’s charter to:

  • Develop and guide required new initiatives;
  • Develop and incubate enabling capabilities to permanent organizations, and;
  • Fortify and integrate existing efforts.

Mike explains how the VA is working to restore trust, what innovation has the VA included to help veterans and how the VA advocates for vets. For more information call 1-844-MYVA311 or visit their website at vets.gov.