Thanks to everyone who have made the switch in the morning to MYKISS 103-1!


Those of you that have listened to the show already what you are in store for, to those who have never heard the show get ready for non-stop entertainment!



J. Anthony Brown Murders a hit- We remember this oh so well J. Anthony Brown murdering hits every morning at 6:34 am on the Steve Harvey Morning Show check it out:




Nephew Tommy's Prank Phone Call at 6:43 am (This is one damn fool..) take a listen for yourself lol....


The Strawberry Letter with Shirley Strawberry every morning at 7 am she delivers woman to woman straight talk. Whether the topic is cheating boyfriends, crazy mother-in-laws, job troubles or money problems, Shirley’s girlfriend next door honesty has made the Strawberry Letter segments of the show a huge hit!


And of course, the man himself Steve Harvey provides his commentary, opinion and funny throughout the entire show, weekday mornings on MYKISS 103-1



The Steve Harvey Morning Show airs weekday mornings from 5a-9a weekdays and Saturdays from 6 am - 10 am on MYKISS 1031!


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