A few weeks back, we had a little fun and did an article about places in Killeen and Temple where you can find a Sugar Daddy/Cougar and most of you had fun with it and others not so much. So when we came across this today, we all had a good laugh, because despite our "jokes", "Arrangement dating" is a REALLY big thing in Texas.

The website "Seeking Arrangement" which claims to be "the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site" created a "heat map" which shows concentrations of areas with "sugar dating" activity recently. If you're still new to this and need an explanation, arrangement dating is essentially two consenting adults agreeing to exchange:

"mentorship, monetary support, as well as gifts or other benefits (or resources) for being engaged in such a relationship" - via Seeking Arrangement

There's much more to that depending on your negotiation skills but I must digress and move on. They also have numbers on the states with the most "Sugar Daters" and of course Texas landed in the Top 10.

Courtesy of Seeking Arrangement
Courtesy of Seeking Arrangement

Ladies, you're in luck. Texas ranks at number 5 in the country with Sugar Daddies, but you'll be hard pressed to find any in our area. The Killeen and Temple portions of the "heat map" where kind of dim. Your best bet is to hop on I-35 North and get up to DFW because they are on fire with Sugar Daddies on the hunt. San Antonio and Houston also has a lot of heat.

Fellas, not gonna forget about you! "Sugar Mommies" are also on this map and Texas ranked SIXTH in the country for ladies looking to shower a gentlemen with gifts and other "benefits". But the same applies to you fellas in Killeen-Temple, gonna have to head out of town to find yours.

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