Dating is pretty rough these days with social media and all but it shouldn't stop you from finding that one special person you're looking for....then there's the rest of us who don't give a damn about all that.

Sometimes you just want to find someone to have some "companionship" with or just have fun without the pressures of being in a relationship, especially if you're older or "seasoned". Maybe you've been in long term relationship already and not ready to get into another one or maybe you're freshly divorced and want to step out on the scene to see what's up. Then there's some of you who are looking for someone to "take care of you" without all the extra stuff.

Well there's a particular set group of people you need to focus on. No, I'm talking about "swingers" but maybe Sugar Daddies/Mommas or Zaddies (millennial term for older guys)/Cougars are more your speed.

So I asked YOU, what are the hot spots to find a Sugar Daddy/Momma or Zaddy/Cougar in Killeen and Temple. I've compiled a list of the most popular answers:

  • 1

    Temple VA Hospital

    The most popular answer by far was The Temple VA Hospital especially if you're looking for Veteran "Sugar Daddy/Mommy" that would be willing to shower you with all of your desires if his/her retirement/disability check would allow it. Since the news was announced today that Killeen and Copperas Cove would be getting VA clinics of their own, you might as well get ready to find what you're looking for closer to home.

  • 2

    Any VFW Post Location

    Since we have a huge population of Veterans, we also have a lot of VFW Post locations in our area where vets like to hang out and have a beer and party. Normally, where ever you find potential sugar daddies, the cougars are sure to be nearby and you're sure to find one.

    Photo by Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
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    Apparently, instead praising the Lord, a lot of folks are saying that Lord's house is a place to find a quality Sugar Daddy or Cougar. Interesting.

    Photo credit: Buccina Studios
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    While you're out shopping for your household needs, you can probably pick up a cougar to take home or a sugar daddy willing to pay for your items.

  • 5


    One thing we know about sugar daddies/mommies and cougars and zaddies is that if you can help them save some money on a date, they are MORE THAN HAPPY to go out with you and 2 for $20 dinners with cheap margaritas always do the trick.

  • 6

    Chief's Sports Grill

    Every night you can find the grown folks over at Chief's Sports Grill and you can find your next Sugar Daddy/Momma or Cougar/Zaddy hanging with us for Sunday Night Live every weekend!

  • 7

    Lion's Club Park

    Fellas, if you're looking for a cougar, you can probably catch them getting their workout on walking around Lions Club Park trying to stay in shape for their next "cub".

  • 8

    Bingo Halls

    You'll definitely find a NEW Sugar Daddy/Momma/Zaddy/Cougar if they hit it big and you lay game down correctly.

    Mykola Velychko