A Texas man has been fooling the public into thinking he is homeless and according to police the man is pocketing $1000 a week!

Due to extreme Texas heat, the public informed the police of the man at the intersection

 WGXA-TV reports that the man named "RJ"  told Abilene Police Chief Stan Stanridge, officers of the Abilene Police Department and members of its Homeless Outreach team that he takes home $1000 week.

It was also revealed that he isn't homeless or handicap and gets dropped off at the expressway intersection where he panhandles.

There has been no mention of any charges being filed according to Chief Stanridge's facebook page and only brought this to the public's attention to homelessness for a bigger cause:

"Now, imagine if those dollars were given to nonprofits to help get our homeless neighbors off the streets and into thriving!

If you feel led to give charity, please do. It is a very personal decision. However, moving from charity to philanthropy will go a long way to ending homelessness for all of our neighbors."


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