Here's a story about how you need to be careful about who you meet on social media. Snapchat is one such app which may seem innocent because folks are posting pictures of themselves with "doggie ear" filters applied but their motives could be much more sinister.

According to KABB Fox San Antonio, Viviana Leilane Bruno was arrested after she allegedly led a man she met on Snapchat to a park where he was robbed and assaulted by two other men. The incident happened on April 4 when the victim was picked up by the suspect and driven to a nearby park so they could get intimate.

Bexar County Sheriff's Office
Bexar County Sheriff's Office

According to police, as the two were getting intimate, the suspect Bruno, told the victim that she needed to retrieve a condom from the trunk when a short time later, two men, one with a shotgun, dragged the victim out of the car and assaulted him with brass knuckles and stole the victim's keys and his cell phone and drove away.

After getting help from a nearby resident, the victim returned home to find that some cash was stolen from his bedroom. After reviewing home surveillance video, the victim saw a male suspect entering his home and stealing the cash.

The arrest affidavit states that the victim and Bruno had met on SnapChat and met in person several times before this incident. The victim went on to say that during the incident, Bruno sat calmly in the front seat of her car, not surprised at what was happening to him.

Bruno was identified in a photo lineup and charged with aggravated robbery. I wonder if they put a "snapchat filter" on her photo to help him identify her?

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