Time to get the C.S.I. team on this one, we got a fresh turd that needs inspecting.

Strange story coming out of San Antonio. Police have been investigating a robbery for months outside of the Alamodome. Back in January, an Alamodome employee noticed someone taking a dump on the sidewalk.


The man in question taking a number two was allegedly Matthew Idrogo. When the employee went to confront Matthew about his outdoor bathroom habits, Matthew allegedly pulled out a knife and asked for the employee's wallet. He handed it over and Matthew fled the scene, leaving the poop behind.


A sample of the poo was taken to Bexar County Criminal Investigation Laboratory for analysis. Police said the DNA profile developed from the sample matched a known sample taken from Idrogo. Authorities issued a search warrant and collected a sample from Idrogo on July 22 to compare to the evidence taken on January 18.

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The results showed that there was “very strong support” that the samples matched, according to the affidavit. His bond was set at $50,000, records show. So remember kids, don't leave a big ole pile of poop behind so the police can trace it back to you.

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