This is quite possibly the most "Austin" crime ever.

The new rage for public transportation amongst the hipster Austin crowd are "Jump Scooters" or "e-scooters", those electric scooters that you can rent by the hour or day via an app. They are starting to pop up in major cities all across the country and are really big with the millennial crowd. Well, it was only a matter of time before somebody would think to commit a crime and say "I can getaway with one of these".

According to the Austin-American Statesman, 19-year old Luca Mangiarano was arrested Thursday and charged with robbery by threat in connection with a bank robbery that happened Dec. 18 at the BBVA Compass bank on Sixth Street.

According to police, Mangiarano handed a bank teller a note demanding cash and left but witnesses and video surveillance revealed that when Mangiarano left the bank he used a jump scooter as his getaway vehicle. What Mangiarano forgot to realize was that in order to use a scooter, you have to rent one through the app. With all of his personal information already listed including address and phone number, detectives were able to subpoena Uber (the company that owns the Jump scooters) for his information.

Police then pulled surveillance video that captured Mangiarano in front of his apartment and Mangiarano’s cellphone information also showed that he was in the vicinity of the bank at the time of the robbery.

Keep Austin criminals weird.

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