Texas high school football is a known and a given here in the Lone Star State. While I didn't go to high school here, if you would have told me that there was a varsity BBQ TEAM I would have been first in line to sign up!

We all know Texas is known for BBQ and a few school districts are looking out for the future of BBQ by creating "Varsity BBQ Teams" where students compete and learn how to not only cook delicious BBQ but also how to create their own grills and smokers. Check out the report from KVUE about Ennis High School's Varsity BBQ Team.

With families more and more concerned about the long term effects of football on young people, these varsity BBQ teams could be the wave of the future because while I know lots of folks who don't watch football, I know LOTS MORE THAT LOVE BARBECUE. One day instead of Dave Campbell's High School Football Rankings, one day we'll have the EARL CAMPBELL HOT LINKS HIGH SCHOOL BBQ RANKINGS.

Where can I sign up?

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